Stock AC Gearmotors & DC Gearmotors

Since 1958 we have successfully serviced the sub-fractional gearmotor needs and requirements of our OEM customers with exceptional quality and delivery. We now can provide you the same dedication to your individual prototype or low volume production requirements by offering a line of AC and DC gearmotors in stock and ready to ship that will get you up and running.

Picture of a stock AC gear motor

Stock AC Gear Motors

Common speeds and mounting configurations readily available for use in your replacement applications and new development projects.

  • Standard 120 Volt 60 Hz household power operation
  • Heavy Duty Model 9000 rated for 200 inlb
  • Square Mount Model 7000 rated for 75 inlb
  • Dust Covered Model 1600 rated for 150 inlb
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Picture of a stock DC gear motor

Stock DC Gear Motors

Common speeds and various DC frame sizes readily available with or without gearheads.

  • Standard 12VDC or 24VDC operation
  • Heavy Duty Model 9000 rated for 200 inlb
  • 1-3/8″ and 2″ diameter in-line gearheads
  • Compact planetary gearmotor for high loading
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Picture of a replacement actuator

Replacement Actuator Motors

We offer an extensive list of stock actuator replacements ready to ship within 1-2 days. Others are ready for shipment within 7-10 days.

  • Direct Replacement for OEM Damper Installations
  • Built to UL/CSA Requirements
  • Most Old Spec Numbers Still Available for Manufacture
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