You don’t need us to tell you that the winds of change in foodservice shift frequently, if not constantly – especially these days. From consumer demands for on-the-go convenience to ghost kitchen-run restaurants, foodservice looks a lot different than it did even a couple of years ago. But what does that mean for foodservice equipment and its components?

The word of the day is efficiency. Less energy consumed; more work done. More tasks accomplished with fewer hands on. More power in a smaller space. These ideals are turning into concrete reality in the foodservice industry. Here’s what you might like to know:

  1. Automation is awesome

It’s no secret that robots and programs are making more and more appearances in our everyday lives. The kitchen is no exception. Everything from back-of-house repetitive tasks to front-of-house ordering is increasingly automated. Kitchen robots that pound pizza dough, smart ordering software, and automated coffee machines are all responses to the demand for efficiency, rising labor costs, and customers on the go.


  1. Itty-bitty living space

With kitchens becoming increasingly compact, the demand for foodservice machines that can crank out more in less space is real. This trend shows up as ventless equipment that can be placed anywhere, stackable machines, induction cookers, and electric-powered equipment, in general.


  1. How advanced is that machine? Let us count the functions…

In addition to being flexible location-wise, foodservice equipment that does more in less space is ever more desirable. Examples include multi-cook ovens, multi-functional food processors, conveyor ovens, and machines with several pre-programmed settings.


  1. The less hands-on, the better

Downtime means lost dollars – time spent on repair is money spent on labor and not production. So, the less maintenance needed beyond planned and preventive maintenance, the better. Foodservice machines need to be equipped to run consistently with as little repair and component replacement as possible.


  1. Efficiency is most excellent.

Underlying all these points is that big ‘E’ word. We all want to get more done in less time and with less money. In an increasingly eco-conscious world, we also want to consume less energy as we get stuff done. Cue everything we’ve talked about so far, plus moves toward electric away from gas and components that use less energy in general.

The world of foodservice rapidly evolving. But there’s always room for the tried-and-true values that, as far as we can tell, have yet to go away. No matter the number of settings your oven has, you’ll want a supplier that puts you and your customers first.

Multi Products Company has a gearmotor solution that just might be the answer to your foodservice application needs. Both Brushless DC motors with Hall Effect sensors and Permanent Magnet DCs with encoders make for precise positioning, which is a must for automation. Compact planetary DC motors provide power density when you need big power in a compact space. Both DC and BLDC motors are easy to integrate, which is helpful with multiple functions. Brushless DC motors have durable steel gearing that stands up over time; Precision PMDC’s have longer-lasting brushes. Either option means less maintenance is needed. And of course, all of our gearmotors are electrically powered and designed for efficiency, especially the BLDC gearmotor.

As a supplier to the foodservice industry for over 50 years, Multi Products understands how important it is for your equipment to run smoothly. And we know that finding the right fit for your application means better performance and end products. We specialize in gearmotors that last longer, run reliably, and can help prevent unnecessary headaches throughout the life of your foodservice equipment. The next step in finding the best fit for your product is just a consultation away. Contact us.