Need it yesterday? Find it here, too!

Multi Products is excited to announce customers can now find our quick-shipping products on the Digi-Key Marketplace.

Nice! Tell me more…

 Digi-Key offers the world’s largest selection of electronic components that are in stock and available for immediate shipment. Beyond curating a comprehensive storefront, Digi-Key also supports design engineers and procurement professionals with a wealth of digital solutions to make their jobs more efficient, including tools, services, and reference/learning content.

As an authorized distributor of electronics components, Digi-Key ensures customers that any product ordered from the online store is authentic. And through Digi-Key Marketplace, products ship directly from approved suppliers to you. You can now choose from a selection of AC and DC gearmotors, compact gearmotors, BLDC motors, and precision DC motors on the Multi Products Digi-Key Marketplace storefront.

Much like Multi Products Company, Digi-Key places top priorities on customers on quality. We’re proud to be part of this essential, top-notch resource.

Can I still order from Multi Products’ online store?

 Yes! You can still purchase our in-stock HVAC actuators, AC and DC gearmotors, and motor accessories from our online store at