If you’re reading this article, you probably are no stranger to the ins and outs of foodservice equipment. As a maintenance manager, purchaser, or equipment owner, you know downtime equals money – in the form of lost efficiency and maybe even customers. That’s not to mention the sheer headache of having to deal with a burnt-out motor and a down machine. It’s at those moments, when you’re staring at a pile of underdone pizzas or a smoking hot dog roller, that you probably wish you had replacement parts yesterday, had not skipped that last cleaning, or had ordered a more reliable motor.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll never run into another equipment headache again. And we can’t make you clean your machine. But may we suggest an upgrade in your gearmotor? Now making its appearance more and more frequently in foodservice equipment is the Brushless DC. This little powerhouse just might lessen your maintenance time and help reduce overall costs.

That’s right – Less time. More money. Here’s how:

  1. No brushes = no maintenance.

Because these motors are electronically commutated, they don’t require brushes or copper commutators. Replacing those components is a central maintenance item in brushed DC’s. Not to mention, sparking can occur at the brush-commutator interface. But, neither of those issues is your concern when you opt for a BLDC gearmotor.


  1.  Long live BLDC!

Circling back to those brushes: Because they don’t require them, brushless motors can run for longer. WAY longer. The typical lifespan of a BLDC is about 20,000 + hours. What does that mean for you? Less need for replacements/less frequent replacements. Less time spent replacing burnt-out motors. More uninterrupted production time.


  1. Continuous or Intermittent – You got it.

There is, of course, a very wide variety of foodservice applications. And whether yours requires continuous work or an intermittent duty cycle, a brushless DC will get the job done. With high starting torque and a linear speed-torque curve, BLDC gearmotors can both get your popcorn popping and chicken roasting.


  1. Super controllability? Precisely.

When you need precision in a gearmotor, look no further. BLDC’s offer more precise speed control and braking than a brushed DC. Need either digital or analog speed control? No problem – either mode is an option with brushless DC. On top of that, you can choose from two integral drive systems – EZ drive for beginning/ease of use needs or Digital Drive for an advanced integral drive option. Or go brushless with Hall Effect sensors if you need to connect to an external drive system.


  1. No electronic noise!

With no need for brushes to do the commutating, brushless DC’s have a very low EMI output. So, you’ll avoid interference with other unshielded equipment, sensitive electronics, and controllers.


  1. Packs a punch.

For their size, BLDC motors can put out more voltage than their brushed counterparts. That means you can count on getting the power you need, even in tight spaces.


If you think a brushless DC gearmotor might be just the thing you need to optimize your foodservice application, let us know. As a supplier to the foodservice industry for over 50 years, Multi Products understands how important it is for your equipment to run smoothly. And we know that finding the right fit for your application means better performance and end products. We specialize in gearmotors that last longer, run reliably, and can help prevent unnecessary headaches throughout the life of your foodservice equipment. The next step in finding the best fit for your product is just a consultation away.

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