Conveyor ovens are trusted to last long term and serve customer after hungry customer. Choosing the right gearmotor is crucial and can dramatically improve the efficiency and reliability of your conveyor oven. Our gearmotors are designed to meet high efficiency standards, and we strive to adapt to changing food product requirements. Multi Products is proud to have a long history of working with partners in the food industry. Our experts are ready to help you find the gearmotor that will save you time and money. If you are looking for more specific information about our capabilities for your Food Industry, download our in-depth E-Book here. 

Selecting A Model Perfect for Your Conveyor Oven Motor

Efficient and reliable conveyor ovens are essential for any commercial kitchen.  Multi Products offers a wide selection of gearmotors that can be customized to your machine, providing a trustworthy replacement solution. A custom-built motor takes your machine to the next level, with improved efficiency and longevity that shortens operational downtime. Perhaps most importantly, an optimized oven conveyor motor helps prevent the loss of a hungry customer. AC, DC and BLDC gearmotors are all commonly used in conveyor ovens, depending on function and use (i.e., fan vs. belt vs. blower). Below are the features and benefits of each type.

AC Gearmotor

  • Serves continuous duty needs: AC gearmotors perform optimally from warm-up to cool down in applications that call for all day constant duty, such as conveyor belts and convection fans.
  • Torque and speed: AC gearmotors maintain consistent torque over ranging speeds.
  • Long motor life: AC gearmotors lack common wear parts and work continuously hard over a long lifespan.
  • Durability against high temperatures: Metal gearing keeps working and high-temperature lubrication remains viscous when the heat is on.
  • Quiet Running: AC motors are driven by electrical induction, with no brushes or friction to cause a ruckus when noise levels need to be low.

DC Gearmotor

  • Very short lead time: Multi products maintains short lead times, which equates to minimum machine downtime for our customers.
  • Economical: DC motors are a cost-efficient solution.
  • Serves intermittent duty needs: DC motors are ideal for applications that require higher starting torque and intermittent use.

Brushless DC (BLDC) Gearmotor

  • Minimal maintenance: Powered via electrical commutation, Brushless DC motors do not require brush replacement.
  • Extremely long lifespan: Brushless DC motors have a lifespan up to 5-10x longer than a brushed DC.
  • Adaptable: Brushless DC motors can easily adjust to changing food product environments.
  • Compact: Brushless DC motors are smaller and lighter than a brushed motor with considerably higher power output, providing higher power density in tight spaces.
  • High energy efficiency: With a higher torque output per watt of input, save on energy costs and do more with less with a BLDC motor.
  • Consistent and controlled: BLDC motors allow for stable speed control and have the ability to change or maintain torque over a range of speeds.

Our Gearmotors Meet Food Safety Production Requirements

Sanitation is extremely important for any food-related equipment, especially since foreign debris and contaminants can cause serious illness or injury. For this reason, Multi seeks to exceed food safety standards with optional product features, including NSF H1 food-grade grease, stainless steel shafts, sealed bearings, and gasketed housings.

The foodservice industry will continue to evolve and accelerate, equipment standards will continue to rise. With growth, more establishments will offer quicker food and drink turnaround.  Foodservice machines must meet high output standards daily with minimal maintenance.

Find your Custom Solution

On top of the reliability and short lead times you can count on, Multi also offers a multitude of options for customizing your gearmotor. Our value-add options include EMI wiring harnesses, mounting plates, couplings, gears, pulleys, cam/switch actuators and other value-add up- and downstream accessories. Multi Products has the experience and expertise to help choose the right conveyor motor from our wide selection of custom AC, DC and BLDC gearmotors. Contact Multi Products to learn how you can meet the competitive standards of conveyor motors and other food related applications.