Gearmotors play a vital role in a variety of foodservice applications, including popcorn machines, conveyor ovens, hot dog rollers and more. When you are considering a new motor supplier for your foodservice equipment, partnering with Multi Products is a great solution. We ensure short lead times, flexible shipping options, and keep an excellent on-time order record. In addition, Multi Products offers the option to customize your gearmotors, meaning you get a solution that fits your unique foodservice equipment requirements. Let’s learn more about how choosing the right gearmotor supplier can make your purchasing decision as easy as possible. If you’re looking for our specific capabilities for your Food Industry, download our in-depth E-Book here. 

How Do Multi Products’ Gearmotors Serve Foodservice Equipment Better Than Competitors?

Working with Multi Products means shorter lead times, ensuring your foodservice equipment will be ready to serve customers when you need it to.

Purchasing gearmotors for your equipment is easier with Multi Products. Take a look at some of the benefits of partnering with us:

  • 25% Shorter Lead Times. Our lead times are 25% shorter than the industry standard and, typically, 20% shorter compared to our competition. The standard lead time is 4-6 weeks, but in urgent situations we act fast, sometimes even within 36-72 hours (see Expedited Manufacturing, below). Our large network of shipping partners allows us to maintain a 100% on-time shipment rating.
  • Expedited Manufacturing through Local Suppliers. For our local partners, we’re ready to facilitate even faster manufacturing than our already competitive standard. We practice lean manufacturing, or JIT (just-in-time) production, which allows us to produce on demand and at a reasonable cost. Around 95% of our suppliers are within a two-hour drive of our facility, allowing us to quickly procure parts, assemble, and ship.
  • Competitive Stocking & Warehousing Options. We offer the option to warehouse, ensuring your motors are ready to ship when you need them. If you are interested in keeping a standby quantity of motors available, we will stock motors and even ship to your customers when they need a replacement, upon your request.
  • Made in the USA. Located in Racine, Wisconsin since we began in 1958, Multi Products values high quality and attention to detail as much as you do. And being stateside with local material sourcing means our lead times and shipping costs stay low.
  • Customization & Value-add Options. Tailor-engineer your gearmotor by adding custom wiring harnesses, EMI filters, switches, controllers, mounting plates, sub-assemblies, couplings, gears, pulleys, or other components for a custom-designed product that keeps your foodservice equipment running smoothly.

Our History in Foodservice Equipment

Multi Products has designed, engineered, and manufactured custom gearmotor solutions for some of the biggest names in the food and beverage equipment industry since 1958. The vast variety of equipment for which we have built customized gearmotors includes popcorn poppers, pizza turntables, deep fryers, and hot dog rollers. Check out our Case Studies to see a selection of products where our motors play a vital role.

Have Something Special in Mind? Let’s Customize It.

Choosing the right gearmotor for your application is essential. On top of getting your motor when you need it, the best-fitting, best quality gearmotors can facilitate increased efficiency, lifespan, and precision control. You may find, like many of our  customers, that using a gearmotor made with high-quality materials amounts to a better and longer-performing foodservice machine. Furthermore, opting for a custom-made motor that is directly compatible with your machine means increased productivity time and lower failure rates.

 A Legacy You Can Count On.

In addition to our short lead times and commitment to customer service from production to delivery, Multi Products maintains a 50-year legacy of building custom gearmotors to fit any application’s unique needs. You can be sure that with our high-quality guarantee and ability to add components to existing gear motor models, Multi will help you find the best fit for your application.

Multi Products offers the efficiency, experience, and expertise to meet your needs and guide you to a selection that works best for your foodservice equipment. Contact Multi Products to learn more.