The Beginnings of Something Sweet

Chocolate captures the attention of most people. And it’s even more appealing when beautifully tempered and molded. One of the companies that helps make chocolate look its best is American Chocolate Mould Company (ACMC). The company was established in 1910, and it would become one of the leading metal mold manufacturers. Then, in the 1970’s, the company changed its business model: In response to changing demands in the industry, ACMC shifted to representing confectionery equipment companies. Today, American Chocolate Mould Company is one of the leading suppliers of confectionery industry equipment in the United States.

ACMC also manufactures the Table Top Temperer. This countertop machine tempers chocolate for melting, coating, and dipping. And inside the Table Top Temperer is a stirring motor that keeps the melted chocolate consistent and velvety smooth.

Noisy motors, short lifespan

“Our previous suppliers’ motors were failing our customers within a relatively short amount of time,” says machine assembly specialist David Cote, “and it was mostly due to the poor-quality gear box housings and gears used within.” Dealing with quickly failing motors that also made, “a distinct ‘whine’ sound,” ACMC was on the hunt for a quieter motor “made with quality materials at a competitive price.” After a visit from an independent sales representative, ACMC found Multi Products Company.

Moulding to their needs

Fortunately, this supplier that was able to adapt to the ACMC’s needs and offer an ideal solution for the Table Top Temperer. Multi Products Company and ACMC worked together to create a gearmotor that first satisfied the required specifications. While other suppliers could have easily provided an off-the-shelf AC gearmotor, “the direct compatibility with our existing mount application” made these motors stand out over others. Starting with the high torque model 9000 AC gearmotor, adding a custom output shaft and quieter running gears gives ACMC a truly custom solution for their Table Top Temperer.

Sweet Satisfaction

ACMC immediately put the custom-crafted motors into service in new machines and in-shop repairs, and Cote has since observed a “much-reduced failure rate in the motors.” Though he has not quantified exact amounts of money saved or productivity improvements, he does say that ACMC’s customers “see an increase in productivity as the interval of motor replacement is greater than before so they don’t lose productivity time in physical motor replacement or transit times when waiting for the new motor.” Perhaps most importantly, ACMC has found a supplier with “ability and willingness to work along with our company, whether in minor motor modifications or production scheduling and shipping.”