Lever Arms for HVAC Actuators

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Multi Products HVAC actuators usually require a lever arm to be able to drive open air damper louver panels through springs and linkages. Though Multi Products does not supply springs or linkages, we do offer lever arms that fit choice actuators. See below for compatibility.

fits shaft: 0.3125″ diameter round shaft with 2 flats.

Features: x2 0.2″ holes

Please look at the shaft on your actuator motor for compatibility.

Compatible with SPEC numbers: ​1868-E, 2412-I, 2430-2L, ​2430-2R, ​2430-3L, 2430-3R, 2430-A2L, 2430-A2R, 2430-A3R, 2747, 2747-D, ​2781, 2920, 2923, 2985-E, 2986-A, 3145, 3751, 3752, 3753, 3754, 3755, 3756, 4012-B

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Actuator Accessory – Levers


TB-2001 Actuator General Drawing


​Spec 2430/2430A Identification Sheet