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How to Select a Custom Gearmotor

Multi Products has a variety of gearmotor and case combinations available to meet most every sub-fractional gearmotor need. Your selection of a custom motor begins with simple questions:
  1. What voltage will the motor operate? Do you prefer wall power (AC) or battery power (DC)?
  2. What speed is required to meet the application needs?
  3. What torque is required for the application?
  4. What duty cycle will the gearmotor operate? 100% continuous duty or intermittent duty.
  5. What direction of rotation for the output shaft?
Further detailed questions help optimize the design. These questions include:
  1. What type of output shaft is required in the application?
  2. Are there any dimensional or size constraints?
  3. What is the ambient temperature surrounding the gearmotor when in operation?
  4. Will the gearmotor be subjected to any radial or axial loading?
  5. Is the load constant or variable?
Our Gearmotor Design Sheet can be downloaded and utilized as a checklist when designing your custom gearmotor. This form will be the initial step to develop a unique gearmotor to meet your specific application requirements. Once this information is filled out, you can fax or call our office so that we may work with you to finalize the design. Request A Quote