Custom PMDC Gearmotors

Offering an extensive line of DC gearmotors and gearheads to provide a unique solution for your application.

Picture of the model 8000 AC gear motor

PMDC Gearmotors
Custom-Built For Your Needs

No matter your custom Permanent Magnet DC (PMDC) gearmotor needs, Multi Products has an answer. We offer both economical and precision-focused PMDC solutions. For a simple, reliable, and cost-effective DC gearmotor solution for intermittent duty, consider a DC gearmotor from our more economical line. If precision and quality are chief concerns, select one of our precision PMDC motors.

Economical Motor Options

Our assortment of economical and durable PMDC gearmotors features performance that rivals that of more expensive options. With high starting torque, these motors are best for intermittent duty applications. Available in three frame sizes, they also feature stamped steel and ventilated housing, pre-lubed bronze bearings, permanent ferrite magnets, and carbon brushes with 1000+ hour life. With high power density and UL-recognized construction, these motors have a wide operating temperature range of -20 to 250° Fahrenheit and can be equipped with EMI filters. Mount your economical PMDC gearmotors to one of a variety of parallel shaft gearboxes/reducers.

Precision Motor Options

When precision, reliability, and quality are top priorities in your application, choose one of our precision brush-commutated motors. Featuring 2 pole stators with permanent neodymium magnets and 5- or 7-slotted armature, these motors are equipped with heavy-duty precision ball bearings that make for reduced cogging at low speeds and quiet operation. They are available in three frame sizes from 32mm to 54 mm and range from 1.5 to 55 Watts. Our precision DC motors are rated for continuous or intermittent duty and are equipped with copper graphite brushes with 3000+ hour life. Add optional to encoders or custom wiring harnesses, as your application requires. Mount your PMDC motor to a comprehensive range of Multi’s standard parallel shaft, compact in-line, and planetary gearboxes/reducers.

Choose Your Gearbox

For your tailor-engineered solution, begin with your choice of either a more economical or precision brush-commutated DC. From there, as with all our custom motor options, we will match the speed, voltage, and torque-carrying capacity to your specs. Our gear reducers support speeds from .25 RPM through 400 RPM, voltages from 6 to 90 VDC, and torque carrying capacity up to 250+ in-lb continuous. Customize your shaft design, as well, with case hardening, bushings, dual outputs, or needle or sealed ball bearings. Gearboxes are permanently lubricated with synthetic gear grease, with the option to use NSF-rated grease. And you can choose plastic or fiber gearing material when noise reduction is a concern.

Accessorize and Enhance Your PMDC Gearmotors

In addition to speed, torque, and voltage, customize your DC motor further with a variety of value-added upstream motor actuation accessories and downstream sub-assembly solutions. Add EMI filtering, custom wiring harnesses, mounting plates, couplings, gears, pulleys, cam/switch actuators, bushings, needle bearings, tappings, holes, flats, hollow or thru-shaft design, custom sub-assembly, or other components directly to the gearmotor for your tailor-engineered solution.

DC Gearmotor Features

  • Industry standard DC frame sizes
  • Standard zinc die-cast gearcase housings
  • Ball bearing motor design available
  • Needle and thrust bearing options
  • Hollow or thru-shaft design options
  • Low EMI wiring harnesses available

Model 7000x DC

  • Numerous Mounting Patterns
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Precision and Brushless Motors

Model 9000 DC

Picture of the model 9000 DC gear motor
  • Heavy Duty Robust Design
  • Zinc Die-cast Housing
  • Brushless Motor Options

Model 8000 DC

Picture of the model 8000 AC gear motor
  • Smallest Gearcase Footprint
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Dual Shaft Extensions Available

Model 7000 DC

  • Precision and Brushless Motors
  • Dual Shaft Extensions Available
  • Numerous Mounting Patterns

Model 6000 DC

Picture of the model 6000 DC gear motor
  • Medium Duty, Industry Mounting
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Dual Shaft Options

3000 Series – DC Only

Picture of the model 3000 DC gear motor
  • Medium Duty, High Gear Ratio
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Dual Shaft and Mountings

Model 1600 DC

Picture of a model 1600 DC gear motor
  • Heavy Duty with Optional Motor Cover
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Sealed for Dust Protection

Model 440 DC

Picture of the model 440 DC gear motor
  • Low Profile Enclosed Design
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Can Be Built as Oscillator

Model 302 DC

Picture of a model 302 DC gear motor
  • Heavy Duty Compact Footprint
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Sealed for Dust Protection

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