Custom DC Gear Motors

Offering an extensive line of brushed and brushless DC motors and gearheads to provide a unique solution for your application.

​Brushless and Brushed DC Motors and Gearmotors Custom Built for Your Needs

We offer several DC frame sizes that can be supplied with or without gearheads. Gearmotors can be provided with continuous rated torque up to 200 inlb and speeds as low as 0.25 RPM. Brushed DC voltages are available from 6 VDC through 24 VDC with 24 VDC brushless standard.

Combine these DC motors and gearcases along with our ability to value-add EMI wiring harnesses, mounting plates, couplings, gears, pulleys, cam/switch actuators, or other components directly to the gearmotor, you truly receive a unique, custom designed product right “out-of-the-box”.

DC Gear Motor Features

  • Industry standard DC frame sizes
  • Standard Zinc die-cast gearcase housings
  • Ball bearing motor design available
  • Needle and thrust bearing options
  • Hollow or thru-shaft design options
  • Zero EMI BLDC and Low EMI wiring harnesses available

Model 9000 DC

  • Heavy Duty Robust Design
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Precision Ball Bearing Motor Available

Model 8000 DC

  • Smallest Gearcase Footprint
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Dual Shaft Extensions Available

Model 7000 & Model 7000x DC

  • A Variety of Mounting Pattern and Cover Options
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Dual Shaft Extensions Available

Model 6000 DC

  • Medium Duty, Industry Mounting
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Dual Shaft Options

Model 3000 DC

  • Medium Duty, High Gear Ratio
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Dual Shaft and Mountings

Model 1600 DC

  • Heavy Duty with Optional Motor Cover
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Sealed for Dust Protection

Model 440 DC

  • Low Profile Enclosed Design
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Can Be Built as Oscillator

Model 302 DC

  • Heavy Duty Compact Footprint
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Sealed for Dust Protection

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