Precision Custom Brushless DC Gearmotors

Our custom Brushless DC gearmotors marry together a compact but powerful brushless DC motor, high-performance drivers, rugged gearcase, and other accessories you may require. Providing precision and longevity to your next project.


Increased Efficiency.
Precision Control.
Extended Lifespan.

For an electrically efficient solution with virtually no maintenance needed, consider one of our custom Brushless DC gearmotors (BLDC). Powered via electrical commutation, Brushless DC motors don’t require brush replacement and ask for very little maintenance, in general. They also boast an extremely long life of 20,000+ hours, from 5 to 10 times longer than a brushed DC. BLDC motors are compact, precise, and provide more power density for tight spaces. High energy efficiency is another notable feature of these compact motors that accomplish more work with less input wattage. Brushless DC gearmotors are designed for intermittent or continuous duty and have zero EMI emissions. They also offer precision controllability across a range of speeds. Choose from our three BLDC options, all featuring a single 42mm frame size, neodymium magnet technology, 6-pole stator and slot-less rotor design, and heavy-duty ball bearings. Three Driver options are available:

EZ Drive

Utilizes a simple onboard motor drive system with easy 4-lead power, brake, and forward/reverse wiring for plug and play usability.

Hall Effect

Designed to connect to an external drive system utilizing the three onboard Hall Effect sensors for control and positioning. Hall Effect firing sequence provided.

Digital Drive

The most controllable motor in our line. The integral motor drive system can use digital signals from external sources to control the speed, torque, and position of the motor.

Tailor Engineer Your Gearmotor

As with all our custom motor options, we will tailor engineer speed, and torque-carrying capacity according to your specs. We can supply the motor by itself or fitted to a comprehensive range of Multi’s standard parallel shaft, compact in-line, and planetary gearboxes/reducers. Our gear reducers support speeds from .25 RPM through 400 RPM, and torque carrying capacity up to 250+ in-lb continuous. Customize your shaft design, as well, with case hardening, bushings, dual outputs, or needle or sealed ball bearings. Gearboxes are permanently lubricated with synthetic gear grease, with the option to use NSF-rated grease. And you can choose plastic or fiber gearing material when noise reduction is a concern.

Accessorize and Enhance Your Brushless DC Gearmotor

In addition, you can further customize your BLDC motor and gearbox with a variety of value-add upstream actuation accessories and downstream sub-assembly solutions. Add encoders, custom wiring harnesses, mounting plates, couplings, steel-cut or powdered metal gears, pulleys, cam/switch actuators, bushings, needle, ball, or sintered bearings, tappings, holes, flats, hollow or thru-shaft design, custom sub-assembly, or other components directly to the gearmotor for a unique, custom-designed product. Check out some of our other capabilities. We have the ability to assist you in programming, driving, and matching a custom Brushless DC Gearmotor to your application. 

Custom Brushless DC Gearmotor Features

  • Low-to-no maintenance
  • Zero EMI
  • Precise speed controllability
  • High torque across speed range
  • Significantly long life – 25,000+ hours
  • Two integrated motor driver options
  • Standard Hall effect output
  • Standard zinc die-cast gearcase housings
  • Precision ball bearing motor design
  • Needle and thrust bearing options
  • Hollow or thru-shaft design options

Model 7000x DC

  • Numerous Mounting Patterns
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Precision and Brushless Motors

GBN50 Series

  • Compact Footprint
  • Industry Mounting
  • Brushless DC Option

GBP41 Series

  • Dual Ball Bearings
  • Industry Mounting
  • Aluminum Housing

GBP52 Series

  • Strongest Planetary
  • All Steel Gearing
  • 52mm Frame Size

Model 9000 DC

Picture of the model 9000 DC gear motor
  • Heavy Duty Robust Design
  • Zinc Die-cast Housing
  • Brushless Motor Options

Model 7000 DC

  • Precision and Brushless Motors
  • Dual Shaft Extensions Available
  • Numerous Mounting Patterns

Model 6000 DC

Picture of the model 6000 DC gear motor
  • Medium Duty, Industry Mounting
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Dual Shaft Options

3000 Series – DC Only

Picture of the model 3000 DC gear motor
  • Medium Duty, High Gear Ratio
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Dual Shaft and Mountings

Model 1600 DC

Picture of a model 1600 DC gear motor
  • Heavy Duty with Optional Motor Cover
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Sealed for Dust Protection

Model 302 DC

Picture of a model 302 DC gear motor
  • Heavy Duty Compact Footprint
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Sealed for Dust Protection

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