Model 440

​Compact, Enclosed Low Profile

Product Overview

Our enclosed, low profile gearbox. Used where overall gearcase height is limited. Output shaft can exit from either side of the gearcase in addition to dual shaft extensions. The gearcase can handle a continuous torque rating up to 80 inlb. Available gear ratios allow output speeds ranging between 0.25 to 400 RPM. Output shaft diameters range from ¼” through 5/16”. The 440AC can be built as an oscillator, with travel between 30 and 120 degrees.

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Picture of the model 440 AC gear motor
Picture of the model 440 AC gear motor

Product Details

AC Gear Motor Features

  • Low Profile “Pancake” Design
  • Zinc die-cast Housing
  • Custom Output Shafts with Flats, Keyways, or Threads Available
  • High Temperature Bronze Bushings
  • Can be Built as an Oscillator
  • Available with Clutch Options
  • Optional Nylon High Speed Gear for Low-Noise Operation


Product Downloads

AC Motor Performance Matrix