Customized Supplier Relationship

Share Your Vision and Strategy With Multi Products.

Multi Products Company is more than just a gearmotor manufacturer. We offer comprehensive service that transforms a traditional supplier–customer transaction into a collaborative relationship aimed towards mutual growth and improvement.

If a source of high quality gearmotors is all you are looking for, we are happy to supply. However, Multi Products offers more than just motors. As with our gearmotors, you can choose to customize the level of supplier relationship you want with Multi Products. We can be involved at multiple levels in your products, projects, and business model.

Some of the services we offer include design and engineering, component sourcing and evaluation, contract manufacturing, and warehousing/logistics support. We will share your plan, vision, and strategy for the growth of your organization.

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Engineering & Design

Leverage our engineering team’s combined manufacturing, industrial, and mechanical engineering experience for your benefit. From full OEM design solutions to technical system analysis, having an additional team can bring new ideas and solutions to your network. See Tailored Engineering for more information.

Sourcing & Evaluation

After 60 years in business, we have accumulated a vast network of suppliers, manufacturers, and other contacts for your benefit. We can assist you in sourcing, acquiring, and cost-analyzing components for your product assembly. We utilize ISO best practice standards for supplier analysis and total quality management.

Contract Manufacturing

Multi has a proven track record of performing high precision manufacturing services for numerous businesses. Free up capacity within your facility to allow for more growth. Take advantage of sub-assembly solutions to reduce costs. Depending on the product, we can assemble products for you. See Rapid Response for more information.

Warehousing & Logistics

Sometimes you just need some space. We offer long-term storage space to make room in your facility. We also offer pick, pack, and shipping services for drop shipping directly to your customers. Let Multi handle your storage of products and parts, packaging and palletizing, and logistics coordination. Reduce the logistics stress.

Customize what Multi Products Co. can do for you.

How could a customized supplier relationship with Multi Products benefit your business?

Building a mutually beneficial relationship with Multi Products can be a big win. In a comprehensive partnership, you and Multi Products share vested interests in your vision, along all points of the supply chain. This means that you will receive optimized service in technology and knowledge, along with a commitment to high-quality products, optimized logistic capabilities, competitive pricing, and supportive expertise.

But maybe you need support in just one or a few areas. Turn to Multi Products for a more ‘a la carte’ approach, as well. From product systems to fulfillment, we can support your business where it counts most to you.