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Gearmotors for Sports Equipment

For over a half a century, Multi Products has manufactured dedicated gearmotors for many machines within the sporting equipment industry. Designed and developed with exceptional craftsmanship by our experienced engineers, our gearmotors are distributed throughout the world. Aside from our attention to quality assurance, our competitive pricing, flexible delivery and quick lead times ensure your sporting equipment performs properly every time.

Our Sports Equipment Gearmotors

Multi Products sporting-related gearmotors are found on several machines in need of automatic functionalities. Batting cages and tennis centers often times feature equipment that automatically dispense baseballs or tennis balls as a workout option. The gearmotors we develop, designed to produce high torque while maintaining a low speed motor output, drive the mechanisms within these machines that result in consistent dispensing across the board.

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Sports Equipment Product Options

Multi Products is capable of designing and developing custom gearmotors for a variety of sporting equipment. A few specific machines we build gearmotors for include:

  • Tennis Ball Machines
  • Baseball Pitching Machines
  • Volleyball Training Machines
  • Pickleball Machines
  • Trap Shooting
  • Automatic Bullet Feeders

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