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Athletes train hard and for long hours. So, the sporting equipment they use to build agility, precision, and consistency needs to work just as hard as they do. This is especially true with the high use-cycle frequencies and stress the equipment experiences. In addition to providing durability, gearmotor solutions need to be cost-effective. Multi Products meets these demands in our custom motors, which are designed to produce high torque while maintaining consistent speed. Found in an array of training equipment, our gearmotor solutions can easily integrate into automatic dispensing systems.

For example, we can build gearmotors for these types of Sporting Equipment:

  • Baseball Pitchers
  • Tennis Ball Pitchers
  • Bowling Lane Oiler
  • Clay Target Launchers
  • Volleyball Lofters
  • Tactical Target Systems

Exceeding the Competition

Precision Engineered in the USA

Long days on the field, in the gym, or at the cages can lead to serious wear and tear on your equipment. That’s where Multi steps in. Engineered to withstand high-use frequencies for a lifetime, Multi motors challenge the competition. We design and build our gearmotor solutions in the USA, and they are made with robust gearing, precision bearings, and engineering best practices. Integrate Multi motors into existing systems using our economical DC, precision Brushless DC, or consistent AC motors.

They are training, we are working.

Multi Products reacts as quickly as the top athlete, with our adaptability to customer needs that sets us apart. In fact, our production leads times are often 20% shorter than the competition. In addition, we can react even faster in urgent situations where lead time is even more crucial. Furthermore, we offer warehousing and JIT shipping options for immediate shipping for blanket orders. But, we have more muscles to flex than just our flexible shipping and quick lead times. Multi’s attention to detail, quality assurance, and competitive pricing ensure your equipment performs properly every time.

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