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Solutions for Sporting Equipment

No one can go it alone. Athletes working to up their game benefit from training with equipment like baseball pitching, tennis, and volleyball machines. With these machines, athletes can continually improve their precision, consistency, reaction time, and overall skillset without an opponent. Meanwhile, marksmen and markswomen looking to hone their accuracy get to that next level by working with clay pigeon launchers and tactical target systems.

Multi has your back when it comes to gearmotors for your powered sports training machines. After years of working with training equipment OEMs, we’ve become very familiar with the concerns of the sports training equipment industry – We remain ready for a new challenge.

For example, we can build gearmotors for these types of sporting equipment:

  • Baseball pitchers
  • Tennis ball pitchers
  • Bowling lane oiler
  • Clay target launchers
  • Volleyball lofters
  • Tactical target systems

Our commitment to precision and reliability shines through in our custom AC and DC gearmotors tailored for various applications. Whether you require enhanced efficiency, durability, or specific performance features, we’ve got you covered. Take the next step—fill out our RFQ form or give us a call. Let’s make your unique application a success together.

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Exceeding the Competition

Precision Engineered in the USA

The machines you build require durable, dependable gearmotors to keep the motion going. These gearmotors are put under high use-cycle frequencies and stress – Long days on the field, in the gym, or at the cages can lead to serious wear and tear on your equipment.  Motors may even need to stand up to tough environmental conditions. Your machine could also require an extra level of controllability. Moreover, gearmotor solutions need to be cost-effective, and reduced downtime is non-negotiable.

Multi Products meets these combined demands in the motors we manufacture for an array of training equipment. Designed to withstand high-use frequencies for a lifetime, our gearmotors outpace the competition. Multi designs and builds our gearmotors here in the USA, utilizing engineering best practices, robust gearing, and precision bearings. Engineered to produce high torque while maintaining consistent speed, our gearmotors can easily integrate with automatic dispensing systems. Whether your application requires a strictly sturdy DC, consistent AC, or a motor with extra controllability like a BLDC, Multi has an answer to your pitch. We offer both stock and custom-tailored gearmotors – Reach out with your specific requirements and our experienced engineers will craft a solution for your sports equipment application.

They are training, we are working.

Multi Products reacts as fast as the top athlete – Our lean manufacturing practices amount to short lead times, meaning you get motors when you need them. And our adaptability to customer needs sets us apart from the competition. Aside from attention to quality assurance, our competitive pricing, flexible shipping, and quick lead times ensure your sports equipment performs properly every time.