Medical and Healthcare Gearmotors

Solutions for Medical, Healthcare, and Pharmaceutical

Multi Products offers clean, quiet, maintenance-free gearmotors and micro motor solutions for the essential needs of medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers. As a result, we have produced custom precision gearmotor solutions that serve in equipment at research laboratories, production facilities, and healthcare campuses.

The Multi Products team is committed to collaborating with you to develop a solution for your specific application. That is to say, we will help you find a custom solution that meets or exceeds current and future industry guidelines while performing to your system requirements. In fact, we detail the same process with all of our OEM client gearmotor solutions.

Multi Products can design a solution for a wide range of medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare equipment including:

  • Laboratory centrifuges
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Apheresis machines
  • Laboratory mixers
  • Fluid drain valves

Our commitment to precision and reliability shines through in our custom AC and DC gearmotors tailored for various applications. Whether you require enhanced efficiency, durability, or specific performance features, we’ve got you covered. Take the next step—fill out our RFQ form or give us a call. Let’s make your unique application a success together.

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Current and Future Trends

The efficiency of medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical equipment is extremely important. And in fact, industry trends show us that the demand for gearmotors as integral components is continuing to grow. Specifically, medical OEMs are looking to micro motors and gearmotor solutions, as medical companies seek higher performance in smaller packages. Furthermore, this trend is likely going to continue into the future as we see more technological advancements entering the medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries. In particular, Multi’s brushless DC motors and gearmotors are going to be a favorite due to their low noise, extended life, zero EMI, and precision control. In any case, Multi Products is committed to working with you to find that perfect gearmotor or micro motor to fit your system requirements.

Reliability and Longevity

Equipment reliability is essential to medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers. In the field, medical workers need machines they can count on. For example, a technician does not want to have to worry about how often motors need to be maintained. Therefore, our gearmotors feature optional steel-cut gearing, ball bearings, and stainless steel shafts. These features ensure lasting, reliable performance, requiring little to no maintenance.

Raised Standards of Excellence

Industry standards are ever-increasing for medical applications. However, we aim to exceed these expectations. With the rigorous performance medical applications demand, there is a call for a high level of precision. Therefore, our gearmotors are precision-engineered in the USA using precise controllability.