Material Handling
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Gearmotors for Material Handling and Conveyors

Multi Products has made it a point to provide effective solutions for material handling and conveyor applications. Whether your application requires an economical DC with high starting torque, a dependable AC motor for consistent speed across a variety of loads, or a digital brushless DC for automation integration, Multi has a solution. Over the past 60 years, we have understood the concerns of increasing product throughput while simultaneously reducing system downtime and operating costs. Material handling equipment and conveyors have an ever-growing impact on how we receive many of our goods. In short, gearmotors solutions are here to stay and demand is only going to increase, as we can see in current and future industry trends.

Current and Future Trends

As previously mentioned, expansion of the material handling industry is inevitable. Particularly, there is continual growth in automation, which will largely affect the number of gearmotors needed in a system to increase product throughput. As we look to the future of the material handling industry, we expect to see exponential growth in the demand for gearmotors, whether an economical DC or a digital brushless DC for automation integration. Moreover, efficient material handling leads to smart financial benefits in the manufacturing and warehousing sectors. This is where Multi Products steps in to ensure that your gearmotors allow you to increase product throughput.

Control Costs and Downtime

Maintenance time continues to be a challenge for warehouse and packaging facility managers. As soon as a machine goes down, time spent repairing means loss of productivity, time, and money. Our products include gearbox reducers with high-efficiency gearing, sealed bearings, gasketed housings, and extended-life lubrication. Pair these features with an economical DC motor to provide a work-saving solution for facility maintenance.

Integration with Automation

Growing demand for automation means many motors need to be smart as well as hard-working to increase system efficiency. Multi offers Brushless DC options, which are exceptionally controllable and can easily adapt to varying loads and high cycle rates. Our high-performing BLDC motors with integrated drives and digital feedback save space while delivering impressive torque.  BLDC motors also feature straightforward programmability into automation systems and other applications. For more economical options, we offer brushed DC with high starting torque and dependable AC options that can be easily integrated into existing material handling systems.

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