Gearmotor Application

Industrial Machinery

Industrial Equipment Gear Motors

Multi Products has manufactured dedicated gearmotors for industrial equipment for over 50 years. Distributed worldwide, our industrial gear motors are designed and developed by expert engineers with ruggedness kept in mind. In addition to our durable designs, our competitive prices, exceptional quality and fast lead times ensure your industrial equipment offers peak performance day in and day out.

Our Industrial Gear Motors

Multi Products industrial gear motors are found on a variety of products within several different industries, including the automotive, manufacturing, and mail order industries. During an automotive wheel alignment procedure, the gearmotors we develop provides the energy source needed to raise and lower the camera lenses used to determine the current state of a vehicle’s alignment. Every industrial gear motor is designed to produce high torque while maintaining a preferred speed output for maximum performance.

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Industrial Equipment Product Options

Multi Products is capable of designing and developing custom gearmotors for a variety of industrial needs. A few specific products we build gearmotors for include:

  • Oil Skimmers
  • CNC Machines
  • Automatic Sorting Machines
  • Manufacturing Part Dispensers
  • Wheel & Tire Balancing Machines
  • Automotive Alignment Equipment

Have Your Own Special Application?

Build your own custom gear motor. Multi Products has a variety of gear motors and case combinations available to meet most every sub-fractional gear motor need.

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