HVAC Equipment Gearmotors

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When any component of your HVAC equipment is down, the system loses efficiency and effectiveness. One essential piece of that system is damper actuators. Multi Products specializes in stall-type actuators, which ensure each damper has the power needed to perform consistently and reliably. Keeping these parts running smoothly supports the comfort of people and livestock and helps create optimal conditions for crops.

Reliable Ventilation Actuation

We know the damper actuator-related gearmotors your system needs require high torque, low-speed motor output, top-notch performance, and reliability. So, when your system is down and a damper actuator gearmotor is out, we are your go-to source for top-quality replacements in less time. Developed by our experienced engineers with superior quality kept in mind, our gearmotors are trusted throughout the world. Working with Multi ensures your HVAC damper actuators function with superior performance.

At Your Service

Your priority is your customers; so is ours. And 50 years of working with customers in the HVAC industry has taught us a thing or two. It means we’re familiar with your needs as an OEM and as a technician. Beyond your application’s requirements, we know communication, reliability, seasonal demand, competitive pricing, and short turnaround are among your top concerns. That’s why our sales and engineering teams are ready to assist at every turn. Our lean manufacturing practices mean we can adjust our production to fit your supply requirements, and our warehousing options help ensure you receive your motors as you need them. With top-quality materials and engineering, motors from Multi provide an exceptional value at a competitive price. And when it comes to lead times, 7-10 days is our standard – we can act even faster in very urgent situations.

HVAC Damper Actuator Product Options

Multi Products has designed and developed gearmotors for a variety of HVAC components that need damper actuators. You can find Multi’s HVAC damper actuator-related gearmotors anywhere an HVAC system is installed, such as agricultural factories and greenhouses. We keep an extensive list of stock actuator replacements that are ready to ship within 1-2 days, and we also manufacture many actuators made to order that are ready to ship within 7-10 days of placing your order.  And on top of this wide variety of stock and made-to-order solutions, we are always ready to tailor engineer a custom gearmotor according to your specs. At Multi Products, we are equipped to adjust our gearmotor solutions to meet your needs.

A few specific components we build gearmotors for includes:

  • VAV systems
  • Mixing boxes
  • Central fan systems
  • Exhaust dampers
  • Fire/smoke dampers

Our commitment to precision and reliability shines through in our custom AC and DC gearmotors tailored for various applications. Whether you require enhanced efficiency, durability, or specific performance features, we’ve got you covered. Take the next step—fill out our RFQ form or give us a call. Let’s make your unique application a success together.