Gaming and Amusement Gearmotors

Gearmotors for Gaming and Amusement Machines

Multi Products has been making the game machine experience more fun since the 1950s. Our work for the game and amusement industry continues to be a major focus today. From pinball to skeeball machines, pool, and air hockey tables, you can find our motors making motion – and magic – happen. Each gearmotor we supply is designed, engineered, and built in the United States with superior craftsmanship.  And with robust materials, competitive pricing, excellent quality, and quick lead times, we ensure your gaming machine is ready for playtime.

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Keeping the Fun Going

Over the years, we have learned that experience is everything, and no industry knows this better than the game and amusement world. First and foremost, your machine needs to engage your audience – No one wants to spend their free time with a boring machine that doesn’t work well! Whether you need to make a character move or activate the next round, we are eager to help your machine come to life with every sweep, spin, and whir.

But it’s not just your customers’ experience that matters – your experience as an OEM is our top priority. We know frequent use, limited maintenance accessibility, and reduced overall cost of ownership are just some of manufacturers’ and machine owners’ concerns. Pinball and game machine suppliers across the United States trust us to keep their inventory stocked with reliable gearmotors that require minimal maintenance. On top of that, our short lead times equate to more playtime. So, from arcades to bowling alleys, bars to mini-golf courses,  Multi Product’s gearmotors are working hard to keep the fun going.

We are equipped to adjust our gearmotor solutions according to your needs, with both stock and custom design options available. And we welcome new projects and ideas!

A selection of machines for which Multi currently manufacture motors includes:

  • Pinball machines
  • Pool tables
  • Arcade games
  • Coin-operated games
  • Air hockey
  • Crane games
  • Skee-ball

Our commitment to precision and reliability shines through in our custom AC and DC gearmotors tailored for various applications. Whether you require enhanced efficiency, durability, or specific performance features, we’ve got you covered. Take the next step—fill out our RFQ form or give us a call. Let’s make your unique application a success together.

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