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Since 1958, Multi Products has manufactured dedicated gearmotors for numerous food service equipment manufacturers. Each gearmotor we supply is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States. As with all our customer applications, our motors are individually designed and matched for smooth, reliable operation. Multi Products gearmotors are found customer equipment functioning in grocery stores, movie theaters, gas stations, arcades, and convenience restaurants. At a turn of a motor, sauces are dispensed, meat is roasted, popcorn is popped, and donuts are fried. Our gearmotors range from economical AC to fully controllable Brushless DC severe duty gearmotors. Our gearmotor longevity, excellent quality, and quick lead times will ensure your food and beverage equipment performs at the highest level.

A few specific machines we build gearmotors for include:

  • Popcorn Poppers
  • Sauce Dispensers
  • Hotdog Rollers
  • Pizza Turntables
  • Confectionary Fryers
  • Rotisserie Ovens
  • Coffee Roasters

Industry Demands

Higher Efficiency Standards

Food and Beverage production and service equipment needs to meet the demands of a growing world. Food consumption is at an all-time high, with more people demanding quick, easy snacks and meals. Efficiency standards for food production and service are increasing at a rapid rate. Our gearmotors solutions feature high efficiency motors, gearing, and performance to maximize your operating efficacy and profits.

Production Flexibility

Current food and beverage trends demand rapid development of new products. Product lifecycles are decreasing, while equipment lifespans are increasing. Finding flexible solutions while maintaining equipment durability is essential now and will continue to be into the future. Robust gearmotor solutions from Multi can withstand the tough duty cycles in food and beverage equipment. Our brushless DC gearmotors offer flexibility and longevity over our economical brushed DC gearmotor options, with easy integrations into existing control systems for product adaptability.

Food Safe Solutions

Sanitation in food and beverage equipment is of extreme importance. Foreign debris and contaminants can cause illness and injury. Multi seeks to exceed the standards for food safety. Our products feature NSF H1 food-grade grease, optional stainless-steel shafts, sealed bearings, and gasketed housings.


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