Gearmotor Application

Fan Oscillators

Gearmotors for Fan Oscillators

For the last four decades, Multi Products has manufactured dedicated gearmotors for a variety of fan oscillators. Each gearmotor our experienced engineers design are of superior quality and are distributed worldwide. In addition to our quality craftsmanship, our competitive prices and fast lead times ensure your oscillating fans consistently meet your needs.

Our Fan Oscillator Gearmotors

Multi Products oscillating fan-related gearmotors are found throughout the textile and agricultural industries. Fan oscillators have a rotating, threaded rod with a propeller attached to one end. A gearbox is attached to the other end of the rod and controls the oscillation. Our gearmotors, designed to produce high torque while maintaining a low speed motor output, controls the gear that makes contact with the rotating rod – ensuring a consistent air flow that leads to cooling.

Partner with Multi Products today for any and all fan oscillator gearmotor needs.

Fan Oscillator Product Options

Multi Products is capable of designing and developing custom gearmotors found in a variety of settings an oscillating fan may be required in. A few of those settings include:

  • Carpet Mills
  • Pigsties
  • Chicken Coops
  • Sports Entertainment Facilities

Have Your Own Special Application?

Build your own custom gear motor. Multi Products has a variety of gear motors and case combinations available to meet most every sub-fractional gear motor need.

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