Auger Motors

Multi Products has manufactured auger motor gearmotors for over half a century. Our gearmotors are designed and developed with superior craftsmanship by experienced engineers and distributed throughout the world. And in addition to our robust designs, we offer competitive pricing, flexible delivery, and quick lead times. In short, Multi will help ensure your auger motors function efficiently, every time.

Our Auger Motor Gearmotors

You can find Multi Products’ auger-related gearmotors and pellet stove motors on a variety of pellet-burning products. In these applications, augers use a rotating blade to move liquid or broken down materials. To keep this motor turning, we design our pellet stove auger gearmotors to produce high torque while maintaining a low-speed motor output. This supplies the power source needed to keep the auger functioning and ensures consistent performance.

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Auger Motor Product Options

Multi Products can design and develop custom gearmotors for a variety of auger motor needs. A few specific auger-related products we build gearmotors for include:

  • Pellet stoves
  • Pellet burners
  • Wood pellet furnaces
  • Wood smokers
  • Corn burners

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