Agriculture and Farming Gearmotors

Solutions for Agriculture & Farming

With our roots in Midwest farm country, Multi Products certainly understands the challenges associated with agriculture and farming. Most importantly, tough equipment needs strong gearmotors to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, and moisture. In fact, for 58 years we have manufactured custom-engineered gearmotor solutions that are robust, reliable, and cost-effective. That is to say, no matter the harsh conditions your farming and agricultural applications may present, our gearmotors help ensures crops are sprayed, seeds are planted, livestock is fed, and greenhouses are vented.

A few examples of agricultural equipment we build gearmotor solutions for include:

Our commitment to precision and reliability shines through in our custom AC and DC gearmotors tailored for various applications. Whether you require enhanced efficiency, durability, or specific performance features, we’ve got you covered. Take the next step—fill out our RFQ form or give us a call. Let’s make your unique application a success together.

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Industry Demands in Agricultural Equipment

The Agricultural industry continues to grow, develop, and optimize to become more efficient. Likewise, agricultural gearmotor manufacturers continue to develop complementary products. Consequently, evolutionary changes in the R&D process have led to the implementation of simplified mechanical designs. New compact and powerful solutions for small form factors are a driving force of the agricultural gearmotors market.

Efficient While Maintaining Reliability

Agriculture is an industry where operational efficiencies, equipment downtime, and energy cost control profitability. Therefore, equipment needs to perform day after day with maximal output. We aim to ensure the extended operating life of your equipment by reducing or eliminating maintenance. Our gearmotor solutions feature high-efficiency gearing and extended-life motors to assist in maximizing your livestock or crop raising operations.

Robust Against Harsh Environments

As a Wisconsin-based business, Multi Products understands the challenges of working in harsh environments. From hot summers to cold winters, extreme temperatures can cause premature wear and failure of moving components. Additionally, dust can be a hazardous element to contend against. Therefore, multi designs and manufactures gearmotors with excellent temperature and moisture resilience, plus excellent ingress protection (IP) to limit exposure to foreign particulates.

Future Trends in Agricultural Equipment

Rising demand for automation throughout the United States and the world are driving demand for new agricultural gearmotor solutions. And government support encouraging agricultural and farming industries is propelling growth. This is especially true in the research and development of new equipment. In brief, Multi Products will be there for your needs in this fast-growing industry as we work to improve your efficiency and automation.