About Multi Products Company, Inc.

The Multi Products Advantage

Company Overview

Multi Products is a U.S. designer and manufacturer of sub-fractional shaded pole AC, brushed DC, and brushless DC (BLDC) gearmotors. Since 1958 we have been know for our short lead-time, quick turnaround, and our willingness to work closely with our customers. We strive to become the premier vendor our customers can rely on.

Multi Products was founded in Racine, Wisconsin, the same city where some of the world’s most famous motor-driven devices were invented and built. Products like the Hamilton Beach mixer and Dremel Rotary tool all had their roots in Racine. We began in 1957 as a specialty machine shop working in the aerospace industry and then in 1958 expanded and began providing complete electric gearmotors. Our motors are used in such diverse industries ranging from food service equipment and popcorn poppers, to coin changers and bill validators, from pinball machines and redemption games, to oil skimmers and pumps. At the heart of the world’s most commonly used devices reliably spins a Multi Products gearmotor.

Still located in the city where we began our roots, and with the same dedication to our customers as in the past, you can rely on Multi Products to provide a top quality, competitively priced gearmotor that meets your exact needs and requirements. Our dependable on-time shipments, production flexibility, uncompromising quality, and focus on our customers have been our mainstays for over 60 years and will continue to be the foundation that Multi Products will build into the future.

Mission Statement

Multi Products goal is to provide total customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality product at the fairest price with strict adherence to delivery schedules while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate each of our customers’ distinct needs.